NewEnergyNews: QUICK NEWS, April 3: Renewables Up But So Are Fossil Fuels; Gallup Finds Partisan Divide On Climate Still High; EVs Ready To Race Ahead In 2018


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    Tuesday, April 03, 2018

    QUICK NEWS, April 3: Renewables Up But So Are Fossil Fuels; Gallup Finds Partisan Divide On Climate Still High; EVs Ready To Race Ahead In 2018

    Renewables Up But Are Fossil Fuels Global energy demand grew by 2.1% in 2017, and carbon emissions rose for the first time since 2014

    22 March 2018 (International Energy Agency)

    “Global energy demand rose by 2.1% in 2017, more than twice the previous year’s rate, boosted by strong global economic growth, with oil, gas and coal meeting [over 70%] of the increase in demand for energy, and renewables…[accountimg] for almost all of the rest [according to the IEA’s Global Energy and CO2 Status Report, 2017]…[Because improvements] in energy efficiency slowed…global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions increased by 1.4% in 2017, after three years of remaining flat…[But emissions declined] in the U.S., UK, Mexico and Japan…The biggest drop in emissions came from the U.S., driven by higher renewables deployment…Oil demand grew by 1.6%...Natural gas consumption grew 3%, the most of all fossil fuels, with China alone accounting for nearly a third of this growth, and the buildings and industry sectors contributing to 80% of the increase…Renewables had the highest growth rate of any fuel, meeting a quarter of world energy demand growth, as renewables-based electricity generation rose 6.3%...” click here for more

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    Gallup Finds Partisan Divide On Climate Still High Global Warming Concern Steady Despite Some Partisan Shifts

    Megan Brenan and LyDia Saad, March 28, 2018 (Gallup)

    “…Americans' concerns about global warming…[remain at the record-high levels they were in 2017 but the White House attitude may have contributed to a widening partisan] divide…Ninety-one percent of Democrats and 33% of Republicans say they worry a great deal or fair amount about global warming, but 67% of Republicans worry only a little or not at all…[82% of Democrats and 34% of Republicans] think global warming has already begun to happen…57% of Republicans think it will not happen in their lifetime (25%) or will "never happen" (32%)…About seven in 10 Republicans (69%) think the seriousness of global warming is exaggerated in the news, 15% think it is generally correct and 15% say it is generally underestimated…[Democrats see the seriousness of global warming] underestimated (64%) or correct (32%), and just 4% say it is exaggerated…” To be continued Thursday (click here for more)

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    EVs Ready To Race Ahead In 2018 Global Electric Vehicle Market Looks to Fire on All Motors in 2018

    Sarwant Singh, April 3,2018 (Forbes)

    “…Global electric vehicle (EV)] sales are poised to climb from 1.2 million in 2017 to 1.6 million in 2018 and further upwards to an estimated 2 million in 2019…[although major challenges remain] related to battery technology and charging infrastructure, [according to a new report from Frost & Sullivan]…Initiatives to develop low- cost, fast charging battery technologies that support long range use looked set to yield promising results. In 2017, car manufacturers targeted higher battery capacities of over 60 kWh that increased the range of an EV up to 200 miles on a single charge…[Safer, longer duration] solid state batteries have emerged as potential game changers for future battery chemistries…[and are already being developed by] leading car manufacturers including BMW and Toyota…[At the same time, the cost of lithium ion battery packs] fell below $200 KWH…There are currently over 90,000 public charging stations globally which are poised to expand to over 120,000 in 2018…[Charging stations typically tend to be clustered around areas where EV sales are the highest. This is on the verge of transforming…EV sales across all major regional markets are on the upswing. In 2017, China led the market with just short of 50% market share, followed by Europe with 26%...” click here for more

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