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    Tuesday, June 17, 2008


    Liza Stoner is taking her petition, give us electric cars! from her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, to legislators in Washington, D.C. – by bike!

    From Liza's petition: “We the people are asking you [Congress] to pass legislation that would grant tax credits and incentives to companies who design, produce, manufacture or sell electric vehicles (EVs) in the United States. Additionally, we are asking for tax credits for organizations that purchase fully electric vehicles for their fleets, such as delivery and mail services, municipal and state police, private security firms, and school and municipal bus systems.”

    It all started when Liza’s family rented the movie
    Who Killed The Electric Car? A budding environmentalist, Liza was upset with the resistance to the pollution-free EV1 documented in the film.

    “I got really mad because of what they did to the electric cars,” she told NewEnergyNews.

    When Liza talked with her friends at City of Lakes Waldorf School, they shared her anger. A school project caused her to think further. Finally, Liza decided to take action, to DO something. Her
    Ride For Renewal is the result.

    The whole Stoner family is now part of Liza's crusade. Dad Jeff and 8-year-old brother Christopher will be in the support vehicle, a big SUV carrying the family’s camping and travel gear. 16-year-old sister Correil will join them on the road when she finishes summer camp.

    Mom Amy will be biking alongside Liza. The two have been training for the journey with daily 15-20 mile rides around the scenic Minneapolis-St. Paul area and taking a 30-40 mile ride every Sunday. They’ve got a professional trainer and are carefully watching their conditioning and nutrition.

    The Stoners' 1585-mile journey will transit the upper Midwest, crossing Wisconsin to the western shore of Lake Michigan, then across Michigan and Ohio, down through western Pennsylvania into Maryland and, finally, to the nation’s capital. Liza hopes to present her petition to Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, a stalwart in many political fights on behalf of the environment.

    The journey kicked off June 16 from the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol Building. When NewEnergyNews asked Liza June 14 how she felt, there was a portentous energy in her voice, a little bit the earnest, innocent 14-year-old and a little bit someone much older and wiser. “I’m very, very excited,” she said simply, quietly and yet surprisingly forcefully.

    She should be excited. She’s too young to be riding for her own renewal. The world is all before her. She’s riding for the renewal of a nation that hasn’t, to now, had her foresight, her vision for what tomorrow needs and her commitment to go out and get it.

    Sign Liza's give us electric cars! petition and send Liza's message to Congress.

    click to enlarge

    Liza Stoner, 14, freshly graduated from the 8th grade at City of Lakes Waldorf School and looking forward to her freshman year at Minneapolis South High School. She prefers literature and history to the sciences but hasn’t picked a major.

    On her Ride For Renewal, Liza Stoner is going to spend her summer vacation bicycling 1500+ miles from her home town to the nation’s capital to deliver a message to lawmakers: Get behind the Electric Car!

    Liza, still nearly brand new herself, will be riding to renew her nation, her society and her world. (Photo from the Minneapolis StarTribune - click to enlarge)

    Liza and her family left Minneapolis June 16 and expects to arrive in D.C. approximately July 20.

    - Liza’s 1,585-mile bike trip from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Washington, D.C., will pass through Wisconsin to Marinette and follow the western shore of Lake Michigan south. It will turn east at the Lake’s tip and go through Kalamazoo to Cleveland. It will then go along Lake Erie. The route will turn southeast through Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania, pass through Baltimore and end in the nation’s capital.
    - Liza has accumulated a small list of sponsors for her big undertaking but she can use all the help she can get: Donate to Fellowship for Renewal (application for tax deductible status pending) at: Ride for Renewal/P.M.B. 101/Minneapolis, MN 55410

    - Liza was inspired by the movie Who Killed The Electric Car?
    - Liza’s website features the Zap X, the Tesla Roadster and the Zenn electric cars.
    - The website also has a link to Plug In America
    - More PHEV doings at Plug-In Partners
    - Notes from Liza’s journey will be posted at As the Crank Turns
    - Support Liza by ordering a Ride for Renewal T-shirt

    click to enlarge

    - Liza: “I am hoping to be a very active environmentalist. Since the spring of 2007 I have wanted to ride my bike to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness about the need for electric vehicles and to deliver a petition asking for tax credits and incentives for companies who produce or purchase electric cars.”
    - From Liza’s website: “…EVs are vital for the future of our nation and indeed our world. The United States would realize health, environmental, financial and even security benefits by switching from gas-powered vehicles to fully electric vehicles.”


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