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    Tuesday, January 29, 2019

    QUICK NEWS, January 29: The Real National Emergency? - The Better Batteries

    The Real National Emergency? Should a future president declare climate change a national emergency?

    Greta Moran, January 22, 2019 (Grist)

    “…[Talk persists that the president will] declare a national emergency on the southern border to get the wall built…[It] would allow Trump to dip into federal funding used for actual crises, like the ongoing Hurricane Maria recovery effort…[Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont tweeted that the real national emergency is the climate change-driven and potentially irreversible] severe damage done to our country and planet…The National Emergencies Act, passed in 1976, gives the president legal authority to declare a state of emergency. Under the law, the president could invoke up to 136 statutes…

    In the case of a climate emergency, the president could theoretically suspend oil leases, support the expansion of battery and electrical vehicles, divert military funds to renewable energy, and impose further regulations on the fossil fuel industry…But Congress doesn’t like being bypassed…[Also,] each statute has its own history and quirks, so there are possible legal snags…[And the money comes at the expense of someone else who was is] prepared to push back legally and politically…[Some lawyers say declaring climate change to be a national emergency] would be an overreach of executive power and a digression from more meaningful legislative work…[Climate change is unlike other] national emergencies…[It is] not an unexpected crisis…[It is] a new normal…” click here for more

    The Better Batteries Solar Battery Storage Comparison Table

    24 January 2019 (SolarQuotes)

    “…Once an individual product’s [cost per warranted kilowatt-hour of stored electricity] gets below 10 cents, battery storage is likely to be a worthwhile investment for a large number of households…[The energy stored in a solar battery system that can actually be used is, in most cases,] less than the nominal storage capacity figure provided…For example, the Enphase AC battery has a total storage capacity of 1.2kWh. But as only 95% of that stored energy can be discharged (aka a 95% Depth Of Discharge) the battery’s usable capacity is really 1.1kWh…

    A solar battery’s power is how fast it can be charged or discharged…For example, an Enphase AC battery is a low power battery system (also known as an ‘energy’ battery) because it takes 4 hours and 23 minutes to discharge all its usable energy…[A high power battery] can discharge all its usable energy in under 40 minutes…A high power home battery system isn’t necessarily more desirable than a low power battery – your household’s unique energy usage needs will determine how much power you will require from a solar battery and the best energy storage solution for you…[An All In One Unit] includes batteries, a battery management system (BMS) and an inverter…” click here for more


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