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  • FRIDAY WORLD, January 14:
  • Global Leaders Name Climate Crisis World’s Biggest Risk
  • New Energy’s New Storage Options

    Friday, November 26, 2021

    Stand Up To Protect The Planet

    Want to fight for climate action but feel daunted or powerless? Try this; The scale of the crisis is intimidating. But most people are already members of organizations – like our employers, universities, unions or religious groups – that are great avenues to fight for concrete climate results

    Tayo Bero, 23 November 2021 (UK Guardian)

    “…[M]uch of climate action rhetoric these days remains split between personal calls to action – such as recycling or cutting down on individual consumption – and calls for governments, corporations and international organizations to wind down fossil fuel production, switch to renewable energy on a mass scale and protect key ecosystems…[The scale of the crisis can make individual action] seem like a drop in the bucket…But there are ways to use the affiliations we already have to boost our collective voice…

    If you’re employed by a big corporation…[P]lan walkouts or join strike actions to push…[for] serious commitments to climate action such as reducing their consumption and switching to clean energy alternatives…[or push] employers to divest their pension and retirement savings plans from fossil fuel companies…If you’re a member of a labor union…[Form] climate change campaigns or sub-groups within larger campaigns…[Collaborate] with academics and environmental groups on research to identify and develop effective strategies for climate action…[or] draft environmental policies that call on the government and international organizations to take serious climate action…[or] form workplace environment committees…

    If you’re a student or member of faculty at a university, push to divest from fossil fuels, generate power on-campus, and commit to being carbon-neutral…[and] join in collective action…If you belong to a religious organization… push for community initiatives that help the environment, like building green infrastructure…[and ask] religious leaders to support bills and other political actions that address climate change, or press Congress directly to take climate action…” click here for more


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