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  • An Answer To The Energy, Climate, And Geopolitical Crises

    Friday, November 26, 2021

    Stand Up To Protect The Planet

    Want to fight for climate action but feel daunted or powerless? Try this; The scale of the crisis is intimidating. But most people are already members of organizations – like our employers, universities, unions or religious groups – that are great avenues to fight for concrete climate results

    Tayo Bero, 23 November 2021 (UK Guardian)

    “…[M]uch of climate action rhetoric these days remains split between personal calls to action – such as recycling or cutting down on individual consumption – and calls for governments, corporations and international organizations to wind down fossil fuel production, switch to renewable energy on a mass scale and protect key ecosystems…[The scale of the crisis can make individual action] seem like a drop in the bucket…But there are ways to use the affiliations we already have to boost our collective voice…

    If you’re employed by a big corporation…[P]lan walkouts or join strike actions to push…[for] serious commitments to climate action such as reducing their consumption and switching to clean energy alternatives…[or push] employers to divest their pension and retirement savings plans from fossil fuel companies…If you’re a member of a labor union…[Form] climate change campaigns or sub-groups within larger campaigns…[Collaborate] with academics and environmental groups on research to identify and develop effective strategies for climate action…[or] draft environmental policies that call on the government and international organizations to take serious climate action…[or] form workplace environment committees…

    If you’re a student or member of faculty at a university, push to divest from fossil fuels, generate power on-campus, and commit to being carbon-neutral…[and] join in collective action…If you belong to a religious organization… push for community initiatives that help the environment, like building green infrastructure…[and ask] religious leaders to support bills and other political actions that address climate change, or press Congress directly to take climate action…” click here for more


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