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  • FRIDAY WORLD, January 14:
  • Global Leaders Name Climate Crisis World’s Biggest Risk
  • New Energy’s New Storage Options

    Friday, December 24, 2021

    The Climate Crisis And The Carbon NOT Burned

    Metaverse Fights Climate Crisis

    Zen Analyst, December 22, 2021 (Seeking Alpha)

    “…[The metaverse] holds the promise of radically altering individual and institutional behaviors to reduce the global economy's carbon intensity significantly…[I]nternet and software industries, or the information technology sector, are not among the top emitters, although they are multiple times more valuable in market valuation…As the economies advance and more economic activities shift from analog to digital, the carbon intensity of economies should decrease over time…Technology tends to reduce the carbon intensity of economic output since technology tends to do more with fewer inputs…[and] the carbon emission intensity of per dollar GDP has been falling globally…

    The internet is currently transitioning into the metaverse…[and] the metaverse will likely impact every industry, much like the internet…[The primary opportunities are in] the digitalization of transportation and manufactured goods…[The metaverse of work] should over time make remote work a more compelling option for more workers…[That] will reduce the need for office construction and commuting…[T]he rise of the consumer metaverse is digitalizing travel, social interaction, play, and goods…

    If metaverse companies are perceived to play a crucial role in fighting climate change, it should help their valuation…[though the metaverse's uncertain impact on mental health] could negate its positive contribution to lowering emissions…[M]ental health concerns have persistently dogged social media platforms, video games, and digital collaboration…[But] the positives may] outweigh the negatives for most…which should ultimately lead to a reduction in carbon emissions per capita…” click here for more


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