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    Friday, September 16, 2022

    New Jobs Around The World In New Energy

    Global energy employment rises above pre-Covid levels, driven by clean energy and efforts to strengthen supply chains; IEA provides first ever assessment of energy jobs worldwide by region and technology, offering vital analysis in the context of the global energy crisis and clean energy transitions

    September 8, 2022 (International Energy Agency)

    “…[The first World Energy Employment Report found energy jobs worldwide have increased above the pre-pandemic level by] over 65 million people, or around 2% of the total labour force…[It was driven] by hiring in clean energy sectors…[The oil and gas sector] has yet to fully recover…[Clean energy jobs were over 50%] of total energy employment, with nearly two-thirds of workers involved in building new projects and manufacturing clean energy technologies…[New jobs and projects under development in oil and gas are growing,] notably new liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure…

    Policy responses to the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including the US Inflation Reduction Act, will continue to add to new hiring demand and to shifting the status-quo of global energy supply chains…[A third of new jobs are] in energy fuel supply (coal, oil, gas and bioenergy), a third in the power sector (generation, transmission, distribution and storage), and a third in key energy end uses (vehicle manufacturing and energy efficiency). More than half of energy employment is in the Asia-Pacific region…China alone accounts for 30% of the global energy workforce…

    …[C]lean energy employment is set to grow, outweighing declines in fossil fuels jobs. In the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario, 14 million new clean energy jobs are created by 2030, while another 16 million workers switch to new roles related to clean energy…[Locations and skills may change,] requiring policy makers to focus on job training and capacity building to ensure that energy transitions benefit as many people as possible…Around 45% of the world’s energy workers are in high-skilled occupations, compared with about 25% for the wider economy…” click here for more


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