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    Tuesday, September 10, 2019

    QUICK NEWS, September 10: Climate Crisis Left Out Of Hurricane News; New Energy Needs New Finance Options – Wells Fargo

    Climate Crisis Left Out Of Hurricane News New Report: ABC, CBS, NBC Covered Climate Crisis Connection to Hurricane Dorian Only Once in 216 Segments on Storm; "Climate change is fueling storms like Hurricane Dorian. But you wouldn't know that from watching broadcast TV news."

    Eoin Higgins, September 7, 2019 (Common Dreams)

    Even as Hurricane Dorian tore through the Bahamas and crept up the southeastern U.S. seaboard, broadcast news networks were loathe to connect the powerful storm's strength to the climate crisis in spite of the science linking warmer sea surface temperatures to increased frequency of strong hurricanes…[Though the hurricane consumed the newscycle,] only CBS aired a segment tying climate change to hurricane activity like Dorian's…The storm delivered a catastrophic near 48 hour sustained hit on the Bahamas on Sunday and Monday and made landfall on Thursday in North Carolina's Outer Banks region…

    Broadcast TV news shows aired 216 segments on Dorian from August 28 through September 5, according to Media Matters. CBS led with 84, followed by ABC with 73, and NBC with 59. The only segment that discussed climate in the context of the storm aired on the September 4 episode of ‘CBS This Morning’…ABC's only mention of climate change at all during this period was in a segment about Prince Harry's travel sustainability project, which continues the network's trend of prioritizing coverage of the British royal family over the climate crisis. CBS also aired a segment about Prince Harry that mentioned climate…” click here for more

    New Energy Needs New Finance Options – Wells Fargo Wells Fargo’s Hopkins: As Renewable Tax Credits Phase Out, Industry Must Develop New Financing Structures

    Betsy Lillian, September 5, 2019 (North American Windpower)

    “…Earlier this year, Wells Fargo named Phil Hopkins to lead its renewable energy and environmental finance business…Wells Fargo made its first tax equity commitment to a wind project in 2006 and, shortly thereafter, began investing in distributed generation solar…[Its has since supported over 400 projects with] over $7.5 billion of tax equity financing…[It provided approximately $1.5 billion in tax equity financing to U.S. renewable energy projects in 2018…[That included its] first combined debt/tax equity financing…[This year, it expects to invest more and close its first fuel cell transaction and its] first utility-scale solar and storage project…[Wells Fargo has investments in 30 U.S. states and territories – from Hawaii to Maine to Puerto Rico – with heavy solar concentration in the Southwest and Northeast and wind investments concentrated in the Central states…

    …[The 2015 legislation that established a gradual phase-out of the federal tax credits and other detailed provisions, Wells Fargo found] a more consistent supply of financing opportunities. And while tariffs have put upward pressure on both modules and steel prices, these cost increases largely have been offset by falling costs in other aspects of development, construction and financing…[It now sees wind and solar technologies as proven, but sees the] need to develop new and different financing structures…[Investment is needed for] energy storage, demand response programs and the other innovative technologies to be part of the solution…[As the sole leader of the renewable energy and environmental finance business, Wells Fargo wants] to continue providing the full spectrum of financial products and services…” click here for more


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