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    Tuesday, October 15, 2019

    QUICK NEWS, October 15: Imagining Fates And Solutions; UK New Energy Going Incentive-Free

    Imagining Fates And Solutions Climate fiction is imagining a future beyond the climate crisis

    Bernadette McBride, October 11, 2019 (The Conversation via Quartz)

    “,,,[With global emissions reaching record levels, the past four years the four hottest on record, coral reefs dying, and sea levels rising, we] are headed towards a future that is hard to contemplate…[But] a literary phenomenon has grown over the past decade or two which seeks to help us imagine the impacts of climate change…[Cli-Fi deals with climate science and seeks] to engage the reader in a way that the statistics of scientists cannot…[It is probably best known for novels] set in the future, depicting a world where advanced climate change has wreaked irreversible damage upon our planet…[Examples are Oryx and Crake (2003), The Water Knife (2015), the film The Day After Tomorrow (2004), Tentacle (2015), and the] short film White (2011)…

    …[But we must] at least try to imagine a fairer world for all, rather than only visions of doom…[The rarer utopian form of cli-fi imagines] future worlds where humanity has responded to climate change in a more timely and resourceful manner…[Novels like The Dispossessed (1974), the Science in the Capital trilogy, and New York 2140 (2017)] conjure up futures where human and non-human lives have been adapted, where ways of living have been reimagined in the face of environmental disaster. Scientists, and policy makers—and indeed the public—can look to these works as a source of hope and inspiration…” click here for more

    UK New Energy Going Incentive-Free Law firm lauds 'subsidy-free clean power future'; WFW report says alternative finance models and storage solutions allow renewables to cut government ties

    10 October 2019 (ReNews Biz)

    “…[There will be a ‘net positive effect’ of a drive in Europe towards subsidy-free project financing…Infant technologies may have been allowed to grow to grid parity from government support via permitting, subsidies and energy transition targets, but it is ‘freedom from the chains of government interference’ that is the leading driver of alternative financing models, [according to] The Future of Renewable Energy report…The most popular model is the corporate power purchase agreement (CPPA), which is supported by companies increasingly making 100% renewable energy consumption a leading priority…

    Companies best suited to survive in this climate are those that are able to understand and manage merchant risk, engage with and develop CPPAs and help tackle intermittency through energy storage solutions…[G]reen issues trump all other metrics for offtakers, including security of supply, price certainty and cost savings…[Energy storage is also] expected to continue to attract significant investor interest…Lower costs and advances in technology to ensure longer life are evident now and expected to improve driven by manufacturing learning rates, cell chemistry improvements and economies of scale…Co-locating renewables projects with batteries with an increase in ‘integrated thinking’ among utilities and developers is [also] increasingly evident…” click here for more


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