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    Wednesday, April 06, 2022

    Ukraine Grid Re-Connected To EU In Record Time

    Ukraine did a year’s worth of work in 2 weeks to get on Europe’s energy grid in record time, but major challenges are ahead

    Tristan Bove, April 2, 2022 (Fortune)

    “…[During a February test to confirm whether Ukraine could run on its own power generation without relying on electricity flows from other countries, and a necessary step to complete the country’s longtime goal [begun in 2017] of integrating with the larger grid that powers most of Europe,] Russian forces breached Ukraine’s borders, and a war began, leaving Ukraine’s power grid essentially stranded…A mad scramble ensued…[Ukraine and Moldova weren’t] supposed to synchronize with Europe until next year…Ukrainian operators were able to keep energy systems online despite attacks that often specifically targeted energy infrastructure. The 72-hour test was extended well into March as officials lobbied for immediate entry to Europe’s grid…

    [On March 16, after record work in two weeks, the] European and Ukrainian electricity grids were successfully…The project was slated to cost over €50 million, and its completion date was initially set for 2026. That timeline was later adjusted to early 2023…A synchronous electrical grid refers to a network of interconnected power generation and transmission infrastructure that supplies every person, building, and appliance within a grid’s range with a stable supply of electricity. Grids can sometimes become overloaded, often when electricity supply exceeds demand, but in an interconnected grid, power can be transmitted from a region with a surplus of electricity, to one that doesn’t have enough to meet demand…

    …[Ukraine’s] move to integrate its energy grid with Europe’s is an indicator of its desire to put some distance between itself and Russia… [F]ull integration will require [equipment and market changes], and not all of it can be done while the war is ongoing…But despite the problems, the Ukrainian electrical infrastructure has proven to be surprisingly resilient…” click here for more


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