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  • New Energy Now Plugged Into The U.S. Economy

    Friday, February 10, 2023

    The New Energy Race Against China

    The U.S. Must Win the Green Technology Race Against China; Congressional leaders in the House… you have the gavels. Now what?

    Mary Anna Mancuso, February 07, 2023 (Real Clear Energy)

    “…[America has entered] a race of such significance that it can only be compared to the Cold War Era nuclear arms race between the U.S. and the USSR…to see who will own the green economy, us or China…Since 1949, America has had a complex relationship with China. Now in 2023, America’s superpower status is declining in the green technology sector as China is stepping up…[America has an opportunity to beat] China, if they will recognize the economic potential of embracing green technology…

    Republicans have long been resistant to climate action, leaning into arguments stoked by the fossil fuel industry that doing so will harm the economy, cost jobs, and put fossil fuels out of business…[But like transitions from horses to cars and from handwriting to word processors, America] must make the transition to a clean energy economy…The green energy race should be a priority in Congress…Americans, especially Republicans, have created a boogeyman of China. Now is their chance to act on it and remind the world that America is a leader, not a follower, on the world’s stage…

    …[Republican Congresswoman from Washington Cathy McMorris Rogers] was recently named first woman chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, one of the oldest and most powerful in Congress. She sets the committee’s agenda and has a real opportunity to change the narrative and take meaningful action…[The choices is to] position America as a leader in clean energy or pass the baton to China.” click here for more


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