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    Sunday, October 26, 2008


    Jordan is serious about developing its solar potential in its Ma’an Development Area (MDA) of southern Jordan.

    MDA will be (1) a regional hub for industrial activity, (2) a center of excellence for vocational training, (3) a religious landmark offering pilgrims on their way to the Holy cities an ideal environment for rest, relaxation and prayer.

    But Jordan wants MDA to also be a thriving and self-sustained city providing its residents and visitors with a quality living and working environment.

    To that end, Jordan set up the Ma’an Development Company – but it hasn’t just put together a development company.

    It set up a cooperative agreement with
    Millennium Energy Industries (MEI) – but it hasn’t just set up an agreement with an energy company.

    The participants have agreed to develop an R&D center in southern Jordan where the sun is a rich asset – but it hasn’t just set up an R&D center.

    Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, the university that will be home to the R&D center, is establishing a solar energy curriculum, focusing (initially) on solar thermal and photovoltaic applications – but there is more than a university level program.

    In the MDA, the agreement calls for the establishment of a Skill Development Center to provide training for solar installers and technicians, preparing the community to grow and nurture the technology.

    Next undertaking: MEI will conduct a feasibility study for the development of large-scale solar power plants in Ma’an.

    click to enlarge

    MOU signed between MDC & Millenium Energy Industries for Cooperation in the Solar Energy field
    21 October 2008 (Al Bawaba)

    Ma’an Development Company (MDC) (Mohammed Turk, CEO); Millennium Energy Industries (MEI) (Hisham Mikhi, General Manager)

    By the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), MDC and MEI will jointly create an R&D center at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University for the development of solar energy.

    click to enlarge

    2002: MEI established.

    - The point of the MoU is to attract investment and stimulate economic and social development in the Ma’an Development Area (MDA) in the southern Jordan.
    - MEI is an international company serving the Middle East and North Africa region.

    - MEI: Provider of medium and large-scale solar energy solutions such as solar hot water for residential communities and for commercial and industrial processes such as steam and power generation.
    - MDA is 4 clusters: (1) a Residential Community, (2) an Industrial Park, (3) a Hajj Oasis, and (4) a Skill Development Center.
    - The R&D center at the University will develop viable and cost-efficient solar energy solutions.
    - MDC andMEI will jointly fund and install pilot projects for solar cooling, photovoltaic heating and concentrated solar thermal power systems, servicing residential, commercial, and industrial projects in the MDA.
    - The MoU ensures long term sustainability of the ventures and economic development in the solar energy field.

    click to enlarge

    Mr. Mohammed Turk, CEO, MDC: “MDC seeks to upgrade the Ma’an Development Area by providing a sound and sustainable offering to attract investors and industries that will stimulate economic and social development in the South of Jordan. We are pleased to cooperate with Millennium Industries, due to their experience in implementing advanced solar technologies in large scale industrial projects. This step is essential particularly that solar energy is a viable energy source for the region, and one that can be easily utilized due to the region’s abundance of sunshine. The MoU we have signed today sets the stage for a long-lasting relationship between MDC and MEI, especially in light of MDC’s concentrated efforts to promote the use of renewable energy in the South of Jordan”.


    At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The development of solar in JORDAN is fast.That shows the whole solar industry is getting bigger worldwide.

    At 6:27 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

    I am very proud to see Jordan taking such serious actions toward green energy. I hope to see all organizations supporting solar energy and other green energy resources to support Jordan and Maan Development Company in particular to achieve these noble goals that will help the whole earth. Jordan can be great pilot for that.


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