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    Anne B. Butterfield of Daily Camera and Huffington Post, f is an occasional contributor to NewEnergyNews


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    Thursday, November 26, 2009

    A Word Of Thanks

    Before sitting down to stuffing (as a verb AND a noun), NewEnergyNews has, for the 1st time, a few expressions of gratitude to go with its 4th annual Thanksgiving post.

    To begin, enormous heartfelt thanks to the 2 sponsors who have stuck with the page through this tough recession:

    - First, The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). If the U.S. government was run as effectively as AWEA, victory in the fight against global climate change would be in the bag and the nation would not much longer be dependent on foreign or dirty energy.

    - And second, One World Direct. Their motto is “We Deliver Your Brand” and that’s what they have done for NewEnergyNews, making it possible for this page to champion a New Energy economy and a cleaner brighter future for everybody’s kids

    click to enlarge

    Now to individuals. There are no doubt omissions from the following list, not by intention but due to the usual worries, distractions, brain cells left behind and a likely incipient dementia. Nevertheless, here are some very special folks who have helped NewEnergyNews over the years and cannot be acknowledged enough:

    - Designer extraordinaire Phillip Garcia, who continues to be instrumental in the look of the page, despite the impossible things asked of him.

    - Hazel Henderson, Rosalinda Sanquiche and Ethical Markets Media, who for a long time helped buoy the fortunes and spirits of the page. If only everybody did business the way they do.

    - John Rabe, of Off Ramp at NPR-affiliate KPCC (89.3FM), for the opportunity to demonstrate NewEnergyNews’ media savvy. And Julian.

    click to enlarge

    - RenewableEnergyWorld, one of the world’s leading New Energy media outlets, for affirming the value of NewEnergyNews by bringing it aboard as a regular blogger.

    - Others in the media who have also acknowledged the page, including the Wall Street Journal and Mother Earth News.

    - AnneB and the tireless heroes of the NoNewCoalPlants Group. “Never, never, never, never, never give up.”

    - The greatest readers and the most loyal patients any doctor with an obsessive/compulsive fixation on New Energy and a diagnosable addiction to writing could ever wish for.

    - Gorgeous, the Landlord, who has for too long carried an unfair share of the burden but can now, happily, free herself for newer, more wonderful things.

    click to enlarge

    - The brotherhood, especially Peter and Michael, the Akbar boys, especially RayBootCamp, the folks at both Kitchens and Kaiser, the Santa Clarita Horsewomen and their men, SpaceMan1, UniversalChris, Vinnie, Plynn and her Art Center Men and the North Country Firefighter, all of whom have shown loyalty, buoyed spirits and offered solace.

    - Finally, Lil’ Sister NFM and Frenchie. This page does not suffer from a lack of high quality readers but if the U.S. electorate was up to the standards set by those two, this nation would be ready to handle even the tough challenges it now faces.

    Deepest gratitude to you all and so many others from the bottom of NewEnergyNews’ old and weary heart.

    Now bring on December!


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    Gosh, Herman. That is sweet. Thanks.


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