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    Thursday, August 29, 2013


    Hurricane Bachmann: Petition to Name Natural Catastrophes after Climate Change Deniers; Group 350 Action launches satirical video showing hurricanes named after Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry

    Ewan Palmer, August 28, 2013 (International Business Times)

    “ …Campaign group 350 Action…wants hurricanes named after US policymakers who have actively denied that climate change exists instead of the more traditional names such as Katrina or Sandy…The [World Meteorological Organisation (WMO)] names hurricanes using a pre-determined alphabetical list which gets recycled every six years. A name can be retired if a hurricane is so deadly it would be considered inappropriate to use it again for a separate hurricane…350 Action also released an accompanying video which shows what news reports about hurricanes would sound like if named after climate change deniers…” click here for more


    At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Another shameless display put on by "kids" - who probably pulled the same crap in high school for their school papers as the biggest narcicists on the planet. No one denies that climate change exists. It has for billions of years. Duhh. The fact of the matter is that humans, while we have an impact, have not ushered in the demise of planet earth. And what you children need to understand, if could hear it over the noise of your screeming fit, is that the very people who specialize in fossil fuel development are the same people developing alternative fuels and energy. They, not you, have the capital and resources to innovate products that save energy and the environment. So, as is so typical, you alienate the very people you should be courting as collaborators for a healthier world. Keep it up, and you will be just as responsible for mankind's inability to survive as the so-called enemies you attack with ads as amateurish and distasteful as this. You should all be embarrassed for not being a productive part of the conversation and problem resolution. Your approach has you labeled as people not worth listening to or worth sitting at the table with. People like yourselves who just love to hear themselves talk, no matter how shameless, will never be allowed to sit at the table to resolve problems, because your vitriolic approach lacks substance and intelect. Good luck out there on the fringe.


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