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  • QUICK NEWS, April 25: Private Sector Takes Over The Climate Fight; How Sea Level Rise Would Change The Map; Wind Jobs Top 100,000 As Wind Energy Booms

    Monday, March 14, 2016

    QUICK NEWS, March 14: Meaningful Personal Action Against Climate Change; Third Party Financing For Wind Comes To The Midwest; Sun Block In Texas

    Meaningful Personal Action Against Climate Change Wondering how you can do more to fight climate change? Check this out

    Clayton Aldern, 10 March 2016 (Grist)

    “…[Cool Effect is organizing one-time donations and/or a monthly subscription model for crowd-funding for six projects designed to cut carbon pollution and] they’re funded on a ton-by-ton basis, with the price per metric ton varying between $4.12 and $13.18. Current projects include a biogas program for animal husbandry in Vietnam, an improved cookstove program in Peru, and a conservation project targeting the Alto Mayo Protected Forest in Peru. More will be coming soon…The platform isn’t the kind of place where just anyone can upload their backyard urban garden project for funding…The nonprofit chooses the projects that its users can support…Cool Effect maintains a wholly owned subsidiary called Global Offset Research, which is staffed by scientists and financial analysts responsible for digging into potential projects’ viability…If a project falls under the Cool Effect hood, that means it has passed a detailed financial and management analysis, as well as cross-verification of its [additionality, transparency, and] scientific claims…” click here for more

    Third Party Financing For Wind Comes To The Midwest United Wind introduces third-party leasing to wind energy market; New York company working with Kansas farmers to capture wind

    Morgan Chilson, March 12, 2016 (Topeka Capital Journal)

    “…New York startup United Wind’s WindLease program,is pushing into the distributed wind energy market in Kansas and other Midwestern states, backed by significant international dollars and the opportunity for landowners to use third-party financing to tap into wind energy…[The financing plan] eliminates the substantial initial investment farmers and property owners would have to make to purchase a wind turbine…Instead, farmers can sign a 20-year lease agreement with United Wind, which would install and maintain the turbine…[Toronto’s Forum Equity Partners invested $200 million and Statoil Energy Ventures, an arm of Norway’s largest energy provider Statoil ASA, invested $3 million in United Wind last month.] According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2014 Distributed Wind Energy Report, distributed wind projects in the United Sates accounted for almost 1 gigawatt of energy generation from nearly 784,00 wind turbines…[but sales have] slowed after record sales in 2008 through 2012…[United Wind] hopes to change that by simplifying the process of putting in a turbine…” click here for more

    Sun Block In Texas Why the sun-drenched state of Texas isn’t No. 1 in solar energy

    Jeffrey Weiss, March 10, 2016 (Dallas Morning News)

    “…In 2015, Texas installed 207 MW of solar electric capacity, ranking it ninth nationally…The 534 MW of solar energy currently installed in Texas ranks the state tenth in the country in installed solar capacity. There is enough solar energy installed in the state to power 57,000 homes…Given the size of the state and the number of sunny days, that seems a bit low…And that total solar capacity is barely a static shock compared with the state energy demand. ERCOT says the peak summer load is about 70,000 MW…Compared with [wind’s 17,000 operating megawatts 5,000 planned megawatts, solar] is still barely an afterthought in the state…[But Texas is expected] to come up through the ranks in the next couple of years. There are utility-size projects in the planning stages [at cost-competitive prices]…” click here for more


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