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    Tuesday, August 16, 2016

    TODAY’S STUDY: Newest Numbers On This Year’s Wind Energy Boom

    U.S. Wind Industry Second Quarter 2016 Market Report – Executive Summary

    July 21, 2016 (American Wind Energy Association)

    The U.S. wind industry installed 310 megawatts (MW) during the second quarter of 2016, bringing cumulative year-to-date installations to 830 MW. The U.S. now has an installed capacity of 74,821 MW.

    Acting on the five-year extension of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) at the end of 2015, utilities announced plans during the second quarter to develop and own up to 2,600 MW in new wind project capacity. More than 1,800 MW of additional power purchase agreements (PPA) were announced during the second quarter, with utilities signing 81% of the contracted capacity.

    There are now over 12,450 MW of wind power capacity under construction, with an additional 5,800 MW in advanced stages of development.

    2016 Wind Project Installations

    • The U.S. wind industry installed 310 MW of wind power capacity during the second quarter of 2016, bringing cumulative year-todate installations to 830 MW.

    • The industry installed 169 wind turbines across four states during the second quarter. Texas led the country with 200 MW of wind capacity installed, followed by Kansas (72 MW), Nebraska (36 MW), and a single turbine installation in Iowa.

    • There are now 74,821 MW of installed wind capacity in the United States, with more than 49,000 wind turbines operating in 40 states, plus Guam and Puerto Rico.

    • GE Renewable Energy, Siemens, and Vestas installed 99% of the 830 MW commissioned during the first half of 2016.

    Large Scale Utility Announcements and Construction Activity

    • Following the multi-year PTC extension at the end of 2015, utilities announced plans during the second quarter to develop and own up to 2,600 MW in new wind project capacity. Announcements include both the 2,000 MW Wind XI project by MidAmerican Energy in Iowa, as well as the 600 MW Rush Creek project by Xcel Energy in Colorado.

    • In total, developers reported more than 12,450 MW of wind capacity currently under construction, a 23% increase over the first quarter of 2016, with more than 3,000 MW in new construction announcements.

    • Kansas led the nation with nearly 780 MW in new construction announcements during the second quarter. Texas continues to host the highest level of total construction activity.

    • An additional 5,800 MW of wind capacity were reported in advanced stages of development during the second quarter, with more than 3,100 MW of new announcements.

    Strong Power Purchaser Activity

    • More than 1,800 MW of PPAs were announced during the second quarter of 2016, the second highest volume of announcements since the beginning of 2014.

    • Electric utilities and cooperatives emerged to sign 81% of the contracted capacity during the second quarter. Corporate and other emerging customers of wind, including Google Energy and Dow Chemical, announced the remaining capacity.

    • AWEA Quarterly Reports now include a full list of electric utility requests for proposals (RFPs) issued during 2016.

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