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    Tuesday, November 15, 2016

    QUICK NEWS, November 15: Time To Defy The Climate Change Quitters; 5,000 New Wind And Solar Jobs In Just ONE State; The EV Deal Keeps Getting Better

    Time To Defy The Climate Change Quitters We can fix climate change, but only if we refuse to abandon hope; New discoveries are being made and solutions found, and each hopeful action will help stop the planet burning. Let’s defy the pessimists and the deniers

    Zoe Williams, 14 November 2016 (UK Guardian)

    “…[The new bad news dwarfs] our petty elections and clueless, pendulum analyses…[F]ive of the world’s most eminent climatologists warned of the possibility that…[the Earth’s average temperature could go up as high as] 7.4C, which is ‘game over’ by the 22nd century…Paul Krugman noted how tempting it is to decide the world is ‘going to hell” but that there’s nothing you can do about it…[But, Krugman wrote, engagement in the only way] to save the soul: ‘I don’t see how you can hang on to your own self-respect unless you’re willing to stand up for the truth.’…In practical terms, this means picking winnable fights, showing solidarity, and being visible…This has been the year the liberals lost every argument…[The explanation may be as simple as] we stopped making the case for hope when we stopped feeling hopeful…[Optimism] accrues around each hopeful action, each small victory, until it becomes obvious that it is the driving force…” click here for more

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    5,000 New Wind And Solar Jobs In Just ONE State Wind and solar energy projects could bring 5,000 new jobs to rural Minnesota

    November 15, 2016 (PhysOrg)

    "…Coal, once the dominant fuel source for Minnesota's electric utilities, has given way to new types of energy resources—wind and solar among them…[supported by Minnesota state energy policies and] the federal Production Tax Credit and Investment Tax Credit…[Minnesota Clean Energy: Economic Impacts & Policy Drivers shows the] clean energy economy is continuing to expand in Minnesota, providing low-cost energy, creating jobs and economic impact…[P]lanned additions of wind and solar projects in the state will result in approximately $7.09 billion in direct investment, over 5,000 jobs related to construction alone and 3,987 megawatts of newly installed energy capacity. Distributed generation of solar energy has almost doubled in the past two years, with businesses citing the ITC as a major driver in their success…” click here for more

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    The EV Deal Keeps Getting Better Electric vehicles are getting better, cheaper, longer lasting; Second-wave EVs promise technology for us all

    Dave Guilford and Ryan Beene, November 15, 2016 (MarketWatch)

    “…When the first wave of EVs hit the market a few years ago, auto makers quickly learned that the pool of green consumers who would tolerate limited range and high prices was extremely limited…[The new, second wave of electric vehicles have] more consumer-friendly ranges and prices…[Volkswagen’s EV] will sell for about the price of a Golf diesel — think mid-$20,000s — and have more than 250 miles of range…[Tesla’s Model 3] is projected at a $35,000 base price and 215-mile range…[A legislative framework around the world, experts say, will drive demand for] a good proportion of zero-emission vehicles…[GM’s Opel Ampera-e, a sibling to the Chevrolet Bolt, will have] a range of over 300 miles…” click here for more

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