NewEnergyNews: QUICK NEWS, July 3: Three Years To Win The Climate Fight; Warren Buffett’s Utility Is Turning From Coal To Wind; Storage Becoming Cost-Competitive


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    Monday, July 03, 2017

    QUICK NEWS, July 3: Three Years To Win The Climate Fight; Warren Buffett’s Utility Is Turning From Coal To Wind; Storage Becoming Cost-Competitive

    Three Years To Win The Climate Fight We Only Have Three Years To Prevent Climate Catastrophe, But There Is Hope

    Josh Davis, 29 June 2017 (IFL Science)

    “If global carbon emissions don’t start to decline within the next three years, the planet will be on track for dangerous levels of climate change and the goals set for the Paris climate agreement will be unattainable…The current 1°C (1.8°F) increase in the global average temperature has produced sea ice melting and collapsing ecosystems. Carbon emissions have plateaued while atmospheric temperatures have continued to rise, and it is now crunch time [according to Three years to safeguard our climate, a statement from 60 world climate experts.] But it is not all doom and gloom…[They say there are procedures and policy that can be put into place to limit this warming if it is] done sooner rather than later…[R]enewables will need to account for at least 30 percent of the world’s electricity supply, an increase of just 6.4 percent on 2015 levels…[And the building and transport sectors need to be] decarbonized…” click here for more

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    Warren Buffett’s Utility Is Turning From Coal To Wind PacifiCorp Looks To Expand Wind Energy As Coal Plants Retire

    Cassandra Profita, June 29, 2017

    “…[Warren Buffett’s PacifiCorp six-state electric utility company] is moving forward with a 20-year plan that reduces its use of coal-fired power while expanding investments in wind energy…[It] has proposed spending $3.5 billion on a plan to add 1,100 megawatts of new wind energy — mostly in Wyoming — as well as a new transmission line…The plan will also re-power wind turbines in the Columbia River Gorge by adding bigger turbine blades and upgrading equipment inside the turbines to increase their energy output by an average of 20 percent…PacifiCorp currently gets nearly 60 percent of its electricity from coal-fired power plants…[But by 2036, according to the utility’s 2017 long term plan,] coal will make up 31 percent of the company’s energy mix…[and] wind and solar will grow from 15 percent today to 22 percent…Natural gas will make up a 30 percent of the utility’s energy mix by 2036, up from 14 percent today…” click here for more

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    Storage Becoming Cost-Competitive Energy storage already cost-competitive in commercial sector, finds study

    Ian Clover, 30 June 2017 (PV Magazine via ReNew Economy)

    “…[Commercial electricity customers are already feeling the economic benefits of cheaper batteries and recent price falls in lithium-ion technology…With battery-pack costs now down to less than $230/kWh – compared to around $1,000/kWh as recently as 2010 – storage uptake is on the rise across Europe, Asia and the U.S....[According to McKinsey’sBattery storage: The next disruptive technology in the power sector,] growth is being facilitated by a greater uptick in electric vehicle (EV) adoption, with major players now scaling-up their lithium-ion manufacturing capacity in order to meet demand…The immediate effect of this has been a downward pressure on prices, and storage has now begun to play a more central role in energy markets…[and] becoming a viable alternative to conventional power generators, and a stable support act for renewable energy…[T]he key driver behind this new trend is price…[In a matter of years households and business may] be able to pair solar+storage with a small electrical generator and defect fully from grids…” click here for more

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