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    Friday, September 08, 2017

    IEA Under-Reports Solar And Wind

    IEA underreports contribution solar and wind by a factor of three compared to fossil fuels

    Erik Sauar, August 31, 2017 (Energy Post)

    “…Wind and solar energy have for decades experienced exponential growth and employ millions of people, but according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) statistics they still only constitute about 2% of the world energy supply…[It is due to] an error made in a 12-year-old Statistical Manual by the IEA and OECD…[Nuclear power and coal power are counted threefold relative to solar power. It takes into account that] about three units of coal or nuclear energy are needed to make one unit of power. A similar loss happens, of course, in a wind farm or solar park [but the IEA statistics do not account for] everything that has been lost...[When oil is refined and later enters a car engine, for example, most of the energy is lost, and only about 20% of the primary energy excerpted from the oil field is converted into refined, mechanical energy that drives the car…For solar power plants and wind turbines, the primary energy is the solar energy that is radiating or the wind energy blowing into the power plant, while the refined energy is the electricity that is being produced…[M]uch of the primary energy is lost, but about the same amount is turned into the desired electricity (or mechanical power)…[OECD and IEA statisticians 12 years ago selected their methodology. It] reports 75% less primary energy usage for the renewable energy value chain and thereby again tends to completely overstate the role of the fossil fuels in our economy…[That] leads politicians, industrialists and voters to believe that a shift from fossil fuels to renewables is much farther away than it actually is…” click here for more

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