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    Tuesday, September 05, 2017

    QUICK NEWS, September 5: Horse Poop And Climate Change; Car Dealers like the Solar Deal; California’s Wind Blow Slowing

    Horse Poop And Climate Change Technology and the Battle Against Climate Change; Technology will play a significant role in taming the climate crisis.

    Matthew Brennan, September 3, 2017 (The Good Men Project)

    “…[An estimated 150,000 horses living and working within New York City in 1880 pulled street cars and] transported an increasing amount of goods…The average horse pooped 22 pounds in a day…[and dropped roughly] 3.3 million pounds of manure across the city streets each and every day…It was predicted that by the 1930s the manure in the streets would reach the third story of the city’s buildings…[But] odors slowly dissipated as horse drawn transportation gave way to the automobile. An environmental crisis of a different order was averted…Technology is already having an impact on other environmental issues…The combustion of fossil fuels in automobiles was the second leading source of CO2 emissions in 2015…[but self-driving electric vehicles have the ability within a few years to reduce emissions and] traffic…Smart appliances can help keep] energy use in check…[A smarter energy grid will accelerate usage of wind and solar power…Meats grown in a lab and growing plants in vertically stacked containers] could also help…[Technology companies can open source their research to elevate the entire effort]…” click here for more

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    Car Dealers like the Solar Deal Auto Dealers Race Toward Energy Savings with SunPower Solar; Experienced SunPower Dealer Network Leads the Way with Cost Effective Solar Energy Solutions Uniquely Designed for Automotive Customers

    September 4, 2017 (Parking Network)

    “…[A car dealership uses 18% more energy than a typical office building. Its lighted parking lots, electric tool-filled repair shops, and technology-enhanced show rooms make electricity] its third highest operating expense…[According to the National Auto Dealers Association (NADA), car dealers collectively face] nearly $2 billion in electricity costs annually…[Many auto dealerships are putting] empty rooftops and expansive parking lots to better use with high-efficiency solar energy systems…[They may generate enough energy to significantly reduce an auto dealership's electricity costs and also] offer protection to whatever is underneath – be it a newly constructed roof or a fleet of new cars…[Luther Auto Group in Minnesota, the largest privately owned automotive group in the Midwest, now] has 454 kilowatts of solar installed across 10 locations…[Covert Auto in Texas] has 125.6 kilowatts installed across the roofs of its Ford and Chevy dealerships…[It meets] 53 percent of the company's electricity needs and are expected to generate more than $500,000 in energy savings over 25 years…More than 50 kilowatts of rooftop solar is currently installed at [Colorado’s] Boulder Nissan…” click here for more

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    California’s Wind Blow Slowing Wind energy in California: The good news and bad news

    Rob Nikolewski, August 28, 2017 (San Diego Union-Tribune) “…California has installed 5,656 megawatts of utility-scale wind, fourth-highest in the nation…[and it] ranks fifth in capacity for smaller, distributed wind energy systems since 2003, with 66 megawatts…[W]ind accounts for 36 percent of generation from renewable facilities — the most in the state, edging out solar…[But wind could soon be] going backward in total capacity in California...Texas leads] the U.S. by a wide margin in total megawatts of wind, with farm states like Iowa and Kansas moving up fast…California’s numbers have essentially remained unchanged since 2012…[I]nstalled capacity in California was actually 6 megawatts less in 2016 than in 2015…California’s desert areas are considered prime spots for wind farms and in the finals months of the Obama administration, a plan was finalized that set aside more than 10 million acres for conservation and recreation and designated 388,000 acres for clean energy development, such as solar and wind projects…[A]bout 80 percent of federal land in the desert is off-limits to wind farms…At the same time, a number of counties across the state have issued their own restrictions…Environmentalists in general favor wind projects, but some green groups have opposed individual projects…[and] solar power can beat wind power on cost now…” click here for more

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