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    Thursday, October 05, 2017

    New Energy Drafted By U.S. Military

    Military Leaders See Solar and Energy Storage as Differentiator; For the sake of security, the military sees a bright future for solar and energy storage.

    Travis Hoium, October 2, 2017 (Motley Fool)

    “There might be a debate in the political world about the value of solar energy and energy storage for the grid, businesses, and homeowners. But there doesn't seem to be any disagreement in the military over the value of solar energy, both in the field and at bases in the U.S…[Military leaders are confident solar] and energy storage could increase security for thousands of troops across the country, and in the next decade the military could be a huge source of growth for the industry…[T]here are three types of threats to energy the military is worried about at domestic bases: natural disasters, crime or terrorism, and cyber threats…Since the military normally relies on the 'civilian grid' for electricity, it's susceptible to the same forces that have left millions of Americans without power over the last two months because of hurricanes. Attacks of some sort and cyber threats, which are a growing concern for grid operators, would be major concerns for the military by proxy…Renewable energy installations or microgrids on military bases could help answer some of that challenge…Generating electricity on-site and storing it on-site would ensure military bases could operate even when the broader grid goes down…Military demand for solar and energy storage could be a booming demand driver over the next decade…” click here for more

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