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    Tuesday, October 17, 2017

    QUICK NEWS, October 17: Top 5 Climate Change Solutions; EVs To Lead By 2030; Diversity In Solar

    Top 5 Climate Change Solutions Top 5 things to reverse global warming

    Anna Wolfe, October 15, 2017 (Clarion-Ledger via USA Today)

    “…[Reversing global warming] will take a coordinated effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, like carbon dioxide, while deploying measures to draw down and capture carbon, like building more forests…[according to the analysis in Paul Hawken’s Drawdown. Its top five proposals are 5-tropical] forest restoration…[4-shifitng] to a diet of mostly plants…[can reduce] emissions by more than 66 gigatons…[3-using the wasted food that] drives roughly 8 percent of greenhouse gas emissions…[2-increasing onshore wind from roughly 3 percent of the world's electricity to 21.6 by 2050,] would result in a reduction of carbon emissions of 84.6 gigatons…[1-changing to refrigeration technology that eliminates] HFCs, the primary chemical used now, because it has] an up to 9,000 times greater capacity to warm the atmosphere than carbon dioxide…” click here for more

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    EVs To Lead By 2030 World petrol demand 'likely to peak by 2030 as electric car sales rise'; Wood Mackenzie predicts global oil growth will plateau about 2035 – earlier than some previous forecasts

    Adam Vaughan, 16 October 2017 (UK Guardian)

    “…[Beyond 2025, as battery-powered cars go mainstream, global oil gasoline demand will peak, according to The rise and fall of black gold; When will peak oil demand strike?]…The UK and France have recently said they will phase out sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040. China, the world’s biggest car market, is mulling a similar move, which would have a significant impact on oil demand…Of the 96m barrels of oil consumed globally each day, 60m are used for transport…[The researchers say] countries that rely strongly on tax income from fuel duty, such as the £28bn the tax brings in for the UK each year, falling gasoline demand will pose a challenge for governments...Battery-powered cars are expected to have a bigger impact later…” click here for more

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    Diversity In Solar Making Solar Accessible For All: Key Takeaways From The Industry Diversity Study

    Pari Kasotia and Melanie Santiago-Mosier, October 16, 2017 (Solar Industry)

    “…While the solar industry performs better than most other industries [on diversity], tremendous room for improvement remains…[to increase] solar access to all communities and individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, household income, geographic localities or any other factors that have historically constrained their participation in the solar industry, both as a solar professional and a solar consumer…[2017 U.S. Solar Industry Diversity Study shows an upward trend in access to solar but growth among people of color] has remained relatively stagnant over recent years…Findings also show that people of color lag behind in gaining management and executive-level positions, as well as in earning wages at the highest wage bracket. The findings are gravest for women of color, who are grossly excluded from the highest-wage category…” click here for more

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