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    Tuesday, October 03, 2017

    QUICK NEWS, October 3: New Science Proves Responsibility For Climate Change; Closing Coal Plants Saves More Than Running Them; Detroit Homeless Building Emergency Solar For Puerto Rico

    New Science Proves Responsibility For Climate Change Kids suing nations over climate change wildfire links are right; A group of children is aiming to take 47 nations to court over links between climate change and forest fires. Science is on their side

    Richard Schiffman, 2 October 2017 (New Scientist)

    “…[Six schoolchildren aged 5 to 14 from Portugal are plaintiffs arguing countries that can be found guilty of emissions that aggravate climate change can be] held legally accountable for the consequences. They are planning to take dozens of European nations to court to answer for forest fires that hit their region in June, one of which resulted in 64 deaths…[Their argument is that] lack of action on global warming makes these disasters more likely…[They are launching] a crowdfunded legal suit in the European Court of Human Rights, a body whose rulings are binding on 47 countries…[It is being described as] David versus many Goliaths…Other climate suits are being brought on behalf of young people in the US, India, France, Ukraine, Belgium and other countries…[In the U.S.,] more than 600 climate-related cases have been filed…[A field called extreme event attribution science] can now reliably provide the smoking gun…[Now the only obstacle is] political will…” click here for more

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    Closing Coal Plants Saves More Than Running Them Study: More savings in closing coal plants

    John Hawley, October 2, 2017 (Daily Advance)

    “Duke Energy would save customers money and create more jobs if it stopped using coal and relied more on renewable energy sources [according to North Carolina Clean Path 2025]…Duke contends, however, that the study’s findings are unrealistic, even as it moves to retire some coal plants and invest in green energy technology…[The study argues the plants will cause increased air pollution and] Duke would seek to recoup the costs for those facilities from ratepayers…[The studty concludes some residential customers could] see their bills rise by 85 percent through 2030…[while] a cleaner energy grid would save the average customer about $101 a year on their electric bill…Duke isn't closing all of its coal plants, even though [the study found] all of them to be cost-ineffective…Duke can meet North Carolinians' power needs without building any new nuclear or fossil fuel plants and still retire all its coal plants by 2027 [the study found. Duke responded that it] has reduced its demand projections…[and has plans for new solar, up to 500 megawatts of wind capacity, and] $30 million in new battery storage systems…” click here for more

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    Detroit Homeless Building Emergency Solar For Puerto Rico Detroit's formerly homeless to make solar panels for Puerto Rico

    Kristen Jordan Shamus, September 30, 2017 (Detroit Free Press)

    “Formerly homeless men and women from Detroit will work to literally empower the people of hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, building portable solar panels that are to be delivered to the island…Cass Community Social Services has ordered supplies to build 15 portable solar panels…[and they] are on their way to the nonprofit's Green Industries, where they'll be assembled for hurricane relief…[Hurricane Maria] struck Sept. 20, felling electrical towers, poles and power lines in its path…The 100-watt, 12-volt polycrystalline portable solar panels can be used to charge cell phones, computers, or run fans or lights or even small refrigerators…[Access to refrigeration] is vital for people whose medication must be kept cold…[The nonprofit group will work through the week to assemble the] solar panels, which include battery boxes, 12V plugs, inverters, wires and fuses…[and cost about $500 to build. To donate,] go online to or send a check to Cass Community Social Services, 11745 Rosa Parks, Attn: CR, Detroit, MI 48206…” click here for more

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