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    Thursday, November 30, 2017

    How Robots Will Make Wind And Solar Better

    Improving Solar and Wind Energy with Artificial Intelligence

    Benedette Cuffari, November 28, 2017 (AZO CleanTech)

    “…[Artificial intelligence (AI) is] the completely autonomous behavior of computer systems…AI systems have become a routine technology that is incorporated into almost every device that we use and operate each day…The renewable energy industry heavily relies upon sensor technology that is incorporated into solar and wind cells to inform individuals of any maintenance requirements during their active use [according to Artificial Intelligence boosts efficiency for solar and wind from DNV GL]…Over the next several years, the solar and wind energy industries expect to see AI systems applied…[as robotic] systems for daily inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks and remote locations...[and as] robotics that can crawl into locations that humans could not otherwise reach or access safely…[Autonomous robots will also be] utilized in solar or wind farms [to optimize the deployment and use of] energy storage…Researchers are hopeful that AI systems will not only significantly reduce production costs, but will also improve the reliability of these energy systems…” click here for more

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