NewEnergyNews: QUICK NEWS, November 14: Green Roofs To Fight Climate Change; Solar Tariffs Threaten National Security; Unions Back Great Lakes Wind


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    Tuesday, November 14, 2017

    QUICK NEWS, November 14: Green Roofs To Fight Climate Change; Solar Tariffs Threaten National Security; Unions Back Great Lakes Wind

    Green Roofs To Fight Climate Change Green roofs to reduce the effects of climate change

    November 13, 2017 PhysOrg)

    “…[Between 512 acres and 1830 acres of green roofs in the city of Seville, Spain, could reduce the effects of climate change…[This between 11 and 40 percent of the buildings in the city…[According to The role of green roofs in climate change mitigation, there are two options for addressing climate change. One is attacking] at its origin, by eliminating or reducing the human factors that contribute to it (such as, reducing emissions, controlling pollution, etc.)…[The other is] developing strategies that allow for its effects to be reduced, such as…increasing green areas in cities…[by using] the tops of buildings as green roofs…The installation of these gardens would provide better insulation for the buildings, which would mean energy savings for their owners. A sufficient number of green roofs would result in an improvement in environmental conditions, contributing to a reducing pollution and cushioning the effects of climate warming…” click here for more

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    Solar Tariffs Threaten National Security Cracking down on foreign-made solar panels would make U.S. less secure

    Norman R. Seip, November 13, 2017 (Washington Post)

    “…The U.S. International Trade Commission is proposing tariffs on imported solar energy panels for Trump to approve. That [kind of protectionism] may be tempting for the president…[But it] would hurt our national security, cost veterans their jobs and increase power bills for everyday Americans…Over the past seven years, the price of solar has dropped by 70 percent, giving our military a cost-effective, reliable, flexible source of electricity for its operations. The tariffs proposed would significantly raise the cost of solar energy, jeopardizing the financial viability of solar projects at U.S. military bases across the globe and threatening our long-term security interests…The military is our country’s single largest energy consumer…[W]hen the military is forced to rely on a single source of fuel to power its global operations, the consequences can, quite literally, be devastating…[Also, the solar] sector employs 260,000 American workers, including 23,303 veterans…[An Energy Department program, Solar Ready Vets,] is connecting our nation’s highly skilled veterans to solar industry jobs. With tariffs, tens of thousands of these solar workers, including many veterans, will lose their job within months. The impact will continue for years…” click here for more

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    Unions Back Great Lakes Wind Electrical, steel workers lead show of support for the Icebreaker Wind project proposed for Lake Erie

    James F. McCarty, November 13, 2017 (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

    "North America's first freshwater offshore wind farm scheduled to be constructed in Lake Erie next year is receiving a strong boost from electrical and steel union workers and entrepreneurs and business owners who support the project's job-creation and clean energy potential…Certification by the Ohio Power Siting Board is required before construction can begin on the $126 million, six-turbine wind farm planned for a site about eight to 10 miles northwest of Cleveland in Lake Erie…[T]he Lake Erie Energy Development Corp., the nonprofit development group that is guiding the project, will be monitoring and analyzing the potential impact of the turbines on birds, bats and fish…[LEEDCo] expects the environmental surveys will confirm their risk assessments showing that Icebreaker will have minimal adverse impact on fish and wildlife…[Birding groups who oppose the plan fear] the potential for high mortality rates due to collisions by birds and bats into the spinning fan blades…[The National Audubon Society is withholding] judgment until the wildlife surveys are completed…” click here for more

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