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    Friday, December 01, 2017

    The Power Of Waves

    Wave power is a largely untapped source of green energy; Waves also have the capacity to supply electricity just like solar and wind energy.

    Michael Jermaine Cards, November 30, 2017 (Born2Invest)

    “…[W]ave energy technologies have not taken off…[the way] the wind and solar industries have…[but could] fast-track the world’s transition to 100 percent renewable energy…Wave power is produced when the wind blows over the surface of the sea and transfers energy to the water…Wave energy converters (WEC) placed on the surface of the ocean captures and converts this mechanical energy to generate electricity…Key advantages of harnessing energy from waves…Aside from being renewable, which means that it will never run out, one of the biggest advantages of wave power is its predictability. Unlike other alternative energy sources, it is easier to forecast …[and] available 24/7…Wave is also high in energy density…Several nations have already provided financial aid and promised funding [for research and development]. The United Kingdom recently committed up to $773 million in funding in 2019 to develop less-established green projects, such as wave energy…[T]he Australian government awarded a $12 million grant…” click here for more

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