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    Thursday, March 22, 2018

    10-Minute EV Charging

    New Technology Is Key to 10-Minute Charging Times for Electric Cars; Pumping gas is faster, but the goal is to speed up charging.

    Rob Stumpf, March 7, 2018 (The Drive)

    “…[With all of the new plug-in vehicles] coming online, the electrical grid will be taxed. More renewable power will be required, and the chargers are fairly scarce when compared to gasoline pumps around the globe. Furthermore, lithium-ion batteries take a long time to charge…Unlike traditional batteries which produce power using a chemical reaction, [small solid state storage devices called supercapacitors produce electrostatic fields to provide short bursts of power…[They] can charge much more quickly than a traditional battery, allowing for a vehicle to charge in minutes…[They can also] provide an immense amount of power from in-vehicle charging though means of solar panels or regenerative braking…[and owners can] expect an increased longevity out of solid state, as the technology can inherently handle higher amounts of charges and discharges before depleting its usefulness; nearly a million compared to the traditional 3,000 to 5,000 charges of a lithium-ion battery…[Unfortunately,] these batteries have a difficult time holding a charge and it takes a significant amount of more cells to hold the same amount of charge…” click here for more

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