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    Tuesday, March 27, 2018

    QUICK NEWS, March 27: The Climate Changes Mapped; Tech Giant Buys Big Solar; Tech Giants Buy Big Wind

    The Climate Changes Mapped These Maps Show How Climate Change Will Mess Up The Weather Where You Live; The Climate Ex map will tell you what the weather will be like in 2070–and where to go to get the weather you like in 50 years.

    Ben Schiller, March 26, 2018 (Fast Company)

    “…[A not very user-friendly Climate Ex map shows projected climate changes] over time…The tool covers more than a million places on a 4-square-kilometer grid and brings together voluminous climate data…Historical data as well as projections going forward to 2070 [are searchable]. The latter reveals the places where climate change is set to have the greatest impact…For the U.S., the biggest changes are on the West Coast, parts of the East Coast, and in the Mississippi Delta region…[Much of the central U.S. is expected to see] less extreme changes in temperatures and precipitation patterns by 2070…The tool is unique in the way it flattens out apparent differences between places…[Though climate change is set to have dramatic impacts,] the differences between places are greater than the differences projected over time. Washington, D.C., and Moscow, for instance, are more different today and going forward than…Washington in 2000 and Washington in 2070…” click here for more

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    Tech Giant Buys Solar Microsoft makes largest corporate solar deal in U.S. history, buying 315 MW from 750,000 solar panels

    Todd Bishop, March 21, 2018 (GeekWire)

    “Microsoft just announced what it calls “the single largest corporate purchase of solar energy ever in the United States,” buying 315 megawatts from two new solar projects in Virginia as part of its ongoing effort to power its global data centers with renewable energy…With the purchase, the company says its total renewable energy portfolio will reach 1.2 gigawatts globally…Microsoft says it has reached its goal of powering at least 50 percent of its data centers with clean energy by this year. The company says the latest deal will help achieve its next goal, powering 60 percent of its data centers with clean energy by 2020…Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. It’s part of a larger trend of major U.S. companies increasingly turning to renewable energy sources…The Virginia solar development is operated by renewable energy producer sPower…[Microsoft’s commitment will allow sPower] to sell power from the rest of the 500 megawatt project to other buyers at competitive prices…” click here for more

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    Tech Giants Buy Wind Facebook and Adobe to buy wind power from Nebraska facility

    Anmar Frangoul, 20 March 2018 (CNBC)

    “…[Facebook expanded its 200 MW for the Enel Green Power North America (EGPNA) Rattlesnake Creek wind farm in Nebraska by contracting for the other 120 MW of the project’s output. The new generation will] power Facebook's data center in Papillon, Nebraska…Separately, Adobe will purchase the energy produced by 10 MW of the wind farm between 2019 and 2028. The Rattlesnake Creek facility is currently being built and is expected to be operational by the end of this year…The Rattlesnake Creek wind farm is owned by Rattlesnake Creek Wind Project, a subsidiary of EGPNA. Investment in the construction of the site is around $430 million. EGPNA is part of the Enel Group's Renewable Energies division…Both Facebook and Adobe are part of the RE100, a global initiative of some of the world's biggest businesses, all committed to renewable power.” click here for more

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