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    Friday, April 20, 2018

    World’s Biggest Wave Energy For Bali

    Indonesia builds the world's largest wave energy and delivers 10 MW of clean energy to the Bali Resort

    April 15, 2018 (Energy Trends via Recharge)

    “…Indonesia will build the world's largest wave energy conversion system (WEC) in Bali. to provide clean and effective 10MW of marine green energy for the resort…[It will use Welo's Penguin wave energy device, which] floats on the water during operation and can be anchored on a 50 meter deep seabed. The kinetic energy of the waves will cause the device to spin and convert kinetic energy into electricity…[It] is an asymmetrical tipping device, such as a curved vessel, and the inner wheel rotates continuously clockwise when it is tilted…[Because it has] no submerged parts, it is protected from erosion by] seawater…[Its speed of installation makes it cost-competitive] with wind power technology and…[volume production could] cut costs by 50%...[It is expected to go online] in late 2018…” click here for more

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