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    Thursday, May 17, 2018

    Building A Better Battery From Solar And Water

    New Water-Based Battery Could Help Store Solar and Wind Energy; A new type of battery is cheaper and longer lasting, creating new possibilities for use with renewable energy generation.

    Avery Thompson, May 7, 2018 (Popular Mechanics)

    “…Variable renewable energies like wind and solar require] some sort of backup…[Use of fossil fuels] significantly undercuts the benefits of green energy…[Battery storage could serve but most] utility-scale battery systems are expensive to build, and there’s a limit to how long they last…[A new manganese-hydrogen battery developed by researchers at Stanford solves these problems with a cheap, long-lasting battery perfect for utility-scale energy storage…When electricity is pumped through the solution, it triggers a chemical reaction, creating manganese dioxide and pure hydrogen gas. That hydrogen gas can then be stored and later burned as fuel whenever excess electricity is needed. The battery itself can be recharged with more electricity and the process repeats…The researchers have only tested a small prototype in the lab, and there’s no guarantee that the design will perform as well out in the field…” click here for more

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