NewEnergyNews: QUICK NEWS, June 12: Trump-Appointed NASA Head Affirms Climate Science; Southeastern Cities Joining The Climate Fight


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    Tuesday, June 12, 2018

    QUICK NEWS, June 12: Trump-Appointed NASA Head Affirms Climate Science; Southeastern Cities Joining The Climate Fight

    Trump-Appointed NASA Head Affirms Climate Science Trump's NASA Chief Changed His Mind on Climate Change. He Is a Scientific Hero.

    Ross Pomeroy, June 11, 2018 (RealClearScience via Space.Com)

    “In 2013, then congressman Jim Bridenstine, a Republican from Oklahoma, stepped onto the floor of the House of Representatives and repeated a list of climate denial arguments, including that the global temperature had stopped rising, that human activity was not involved, and that extreme weather was not involved…But now, just six weeks into his tenure as NASA administrator, Bridenstine stated that he has ‘evolved’ on climate change…[and, as a result of studying the science, does not deny the scientific consensus and agrees that human action is a major causal factor. He] has also backed up his rhetoric with vocal support for NASA's climate missions, which have been threatened under a Trump presidency…Bridenstine's apparently genuine coming around to the facts of climate change is commendable and makes him a scientific hero of sorts…[His] public acknowledgement of manmade climate change is a stirring example of how science transcends ideology. His actions should be celebrated and replicated.” click here for more

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    Southeastern Cities Joining The Climate Fight Few Southeast Cities Have Climate Targets, but That’s Slowly Changing; A new survey of Southeast cities also found about half expect to install or buy more renewable energy. West Palm Beach and Atlanta were among the leaders.

    James Bruggers, June 11, 2018

    “Fueled by coal-burning power plants and heavy industry, seven southeastern states produce enough carbon dioxide combined to rank as the world's sixth-largest climate polluter…[and] only about 20 percent of the cities have set emissions-reduction goals so far, but more are taking a closer look at their emissions and plan to increase their use of renewable energy…[According to a new report, about] 50 percent of the cities expect to install or procure renewable energy to meet municipal electricity demand by 2021…For those cities setting emission reduction goals, two-thirds call for a 70 percent cut by 2050, in the ballpark of what scientists say is required to prevent the most disastrous effects from climate change…

    But 47 cities received a score of zero, meaning they didn't meet any of the benchmarks the report used to gauge ambition…West Palm Beach, Florida, topped all cities with the highest score…Atlanta; Sarasota, Florida; Arlington County, Virginia; and Boynton Beach, Florida, rounded out the top five…At the other end of the spectrum, Jacksonville, Florida; Mobile, Alabama; Marietta, Georgia; and Greeneville, North Carolina, were among the cities receiving a score of zero…” click here for more

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