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    Monday, July 09, 2018

    QUICK NEWS, July 9: Climate Change And The Effort Against It Go On; Boomers Versus Millennials On Green

    Climate Change And The Effort Against It Go On Climate Change Scorecard

    Lulu Garcia-Navarro, July 8, 2018 (National Public Radio)

    “Record heat all over the planet, fires, rising sea levels, flooding neighborhoods and cities - manmade climate change is being felt in all sorts of ways…[After the U.S.announced its intention to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, there were predictions that the other countries would follow, but it is] a pretty mixed picture…[India is making] rapid progress…[and] will be achieving their goals on renewable energy well ahead of schedule. China's emissions had been more or less stabilizing…[ Even the U.S.has had] reductions in emissions, despite the Trump rollbacks, thanks to stronger efforts by cities and states and many companies…[But] in each of those cases there are warning signs. India continues to build coal-burning plants. China's emissions spiked in the first quarter of this year…[And the U.S. is] not nearly on track to set the goal that the Obama administration set…No other countries have followed the U.S. in terms of withdrawing from the agreement - quite the opposite. Countries have rallied around the agreement…[It is] too early actually to measure the tangible effect…[The goals] are for 2025 and 2030…” click here for more

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    Boomers Versus Millennials On Green Hippies vs. Hipsters: Who’s winning at sustainability?

    Susannah Enkeman, July 5, 2018 (Shelton Group)

    “…Millennials were long celebrated for being so green. And then they started getting older …Boomers are sometimes congratulated for valuing efficiency, or credited for environmental conscientiousness attributed to guilt … [Millennials] are winning when it comes to sustainability attitudes. Hipsters (72%) are more likely than Hippies (60%) to agree/strongly agree that “Global warming, or climate change, is occurring, and it is primarily caused by human activity”…If you’re measuring by action, [Boomers] win…[They] are doing more energy conservation in their homes. Fewer Hippies (15%) than Hipsters (27%) say they have NOT purchased any energy-conserving home products, and 13% of Hipsters have NOT taken any water conservation steps at home, compared to only 7% of Hippies…Hippies are more likely to wear their green on their sleeves…[But there] is one sustainable-minded behavior that Hipsters are more likely to say they do than Hippies: purchasing…” click here for more

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