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    Monday, October 29, 2018

    QUICK NEWS, October 29: Science Is The Climate Change Solution; New Energy From The Grid To Heating And Vehicles

    Science Is The Climate Change Solution Science can succeed on climate change where politics fails; And if someone makes money from finding a solution, who cares?

    Nick Butler, October 28, 2018 (Financial Times)

    “…Climate change is a global risk and so everyone should be involved in the response…Many countries are taking action to mitigate climate change, but these actions don’t add up to an answer. Potential global solutions such as a universal carbon tax remain off the agenda…The production of renewable energy has become cheaper…and energy is being used more efficiently. But the advances have been slow…[and] emissions continue to rise…We cannot afford to wait for an age of collective rationality…The best hope for limiting emissions comes from the application of science to the energy market…That means finding sources of energy that can be made available to all the world’s citizens, at a price they can afford…Such a plan needs money and the sources of funds should be as broad as possible…If someone makes money from finding the answer, who cares? …Politics may have failed, but rationality has not. If one approach does not work, the logic is to try another.” click here for more

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    New Energy From The Grid To Heating And Vehicles Clean Power Is Growing Fast. Now We Need Clean Heat And Clean Transport

    Mike Scott, October 19, 2018 (Forbes)

    “…By 2023, renewables will account for almost a third of total world electricity generation…[but] progress will be far slower in renewable transport and heat because of weaker policy support and other barriers to deployment…Solar and wind will continue to dominate the clean power sector, but…[bioenergy growth is expected to be the New Energy that fuels heating and transport]…In 2017, 178GW of renewable energy electricity capacity was added, more than two thirds of global power growth, led by 97GW of solar power, more than half of it in China. Solar’s success offset slower growth in offshore wind and hydropower…

    Solar capacity is set to expand in the next half a decade by almost 600 GW…led by a massive expansion in distributed generation, which will spur almost half of global PV capacity growth over 2018-23. Homes, businesses and large industrial applications are expected to generate almost 2% of global electricity output by 2023…[but there] is untapped potential to make use of bioenergy in the cement, sugar and ethanol industries, where wastes and residues offer low lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and mitigate concerns over land-use change. In addition, using these resources can improve waste management and air quality…[Only a tenth of total heat demand comes from New Energy but] renewable head demand is set to grow by 20% in the next five years.” click here for more

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