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While the OFFICE of President remains in highest regard at NewEnergyNews, this administration's position on climate change makes it impossible to regard THIS president with respect. Below is the NewEnergyNews theme song until 2020.

The challenge now: To make every day Earth Day.


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    Friday, November 09, 2018

    A Collection On Climate Change

    The Reality of Climate Change

    David Remnick, et. al., October 14, 2018 (The New Yorker)

    “…[Technologies that pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere are not] close to being workable…[[but] according to many of the scenarios predicted by climate science, it may be impossible to avoid global catastrophe without it. That’s typical of our response to climate change, which consists, largely, of steps yet to be taken, technologies yet to be developed, and laws yet to be passed…[The recent UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report showed the] gulf between what we need to do and what we are actually doing…[It showed] the effects of climate change will likely arrive sooner, and be worse, than expected…

    The collection of pieces here demonstrates the daunting reality of climate change. In ‘The End of Ice,’ Dexter Filkins reports from the Chhota Shigri Glacier, in the Himalayas, where scientists are coming to grips with the pace of the melting process; in ‘The Climate of Man,’ [Elizabeth] Kolbert travels to Alaska, among other places, to observe the changing Arctic firsthand. Jill Lepore explores the history of climate science (and its roots in Cold War debates about ‘nuclear winter’), and Nicholas Lemann charts the rise and fall of Earth Day (and of the environmental movement more generally). In ‘Adaptation,’ Eric Klinenberg asks whether seawalls, sea gates, reservoirs, and pumps can really ‘climate-proof’ a city. Finally, in ‘The Siege of Miami,’ Kolbert shows us how an American city is already transforming…” click here for more

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