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    Thursday, November 08, 2018

    Ways To Make Retail Energy Choice Work

    Study by Brattle Economists Outlines Recommendations for Improving Retail Electric Choice

    July 2018 (Brattle Group)

    “…[Retail Electric Choice] is under criticism in some regions while up for reconsideration in others that had previously put it aside…[A Brattle Group study recommends] what could be improved to make Retail Choice more desirable for customers and retail service providers across markets...[T]here is generally agreement that Retail Choice is [reducing electricity bills and bringing service innovations] for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, [but] there is controversy around the success of mass market services…[And a few state regulators say] that cost-reduction or innovation benefits are few or non-existent and that some providers are harming residential customers…[and recommending] ending or strongly controlling Retail Electric Provider (REP) services…

    …Several state Attorneys General have taken enforcement action against specific REPs for deceptive marketing practices and misleading customers, and two have recommended that Retail Choice be eliminated for mass residential customers…The Brattle study argues that much of the controversy surrounding Retail Choice has been based on political orientation towards regulation versus markets, which is too polarized to identify a beneficial middle ground…[Brattle found retail choice] may become increasingly important for the fullest realization of [distributed energy resources (DER)] adoption and efficient use…and suggested design elements of Retail Choice to reconsider and improve…” click here for more

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