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    Friday, December 14, 2018

    The World Can Go All In On New Energy

    Is 100% Renewable Energy Enough For The World? Could we power the world with 100% renewables? The answer might surprise you.

    Christopher McFadden, December 12, 2018 (Interesting Engineering)

    “Can we power the world with renewable energy alone?...The short answer is yes, but it won't be easy…A better question might be "will there ever be the will to power the world through renewables alone?". That is a much harder question to answer…If the will, both political and societal, can be achieved… it will be possible to build a renewable-only future…[Reality might force] this huge overhaul of our current energy-generation mix…[The climate debate is highly partisan, but] the basic finite nature of our current energy sources will require us to find alternative sources. Renewables might just be the perfect solution…

    …Nobody is likely to stop driving their cars, use their smart devices or the internet, or stop using energy-hungry home appliances anytime soon…[That is why] we must find a way of producing energy in such a way that can be sustainable in long-term…[T]here are some genuine concerns about the technical issues with renewable technologies…[Their variability] inhibits but doesn't rule out, their reliability as a power source…[A future renewable-only energy generation infrastructure would be mixed, or hybrid, with solar, wind, tidal, hydro-, geothermal and, most-likely nuclear, all working to compliment one another…[and] some form of energy storage will be desirable…[Several recent studies show that by 2050] all existing power plants could be readily converted to renewable alternatives completing the 100% conversion plan…” click here for more


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