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    Friday, January 04, 2019

    Mixed Reviews On Climate Fight 2018

    Climate and energy news in 2018 actually wasn’t all bad; Three big trends are helping us address the climate crisis: better technology, cheaper technology, and more ambitious policies.

    Umair Irfan and David Roberts, January 1, 2019 (VOX)

    “…[In 2018,] global greenhouse gas emissions reached a record…[and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report concluded action is needed by] 2030 to avert catastrophic climate change…[The White House aggressively rolled back] climate policies…[and wildfires, hurricanes, and biodiversity losses emphasized] how dangerous climate change is…[But] clean energy technologies also got bigger, better, and cheaper. The political will to fight climate change gained considerable momentum. And the business case for cutting greenhouse gases got stronger…Voters are increasingly concerned about climate change. Public opinion shifted in 2018 in favor of regulating greenhouse gases…

    In the November midterm elections, several candidates for governor and congressional offices campaigned [on the climate issue] — and won…[And activists began pushing for a Green New Deal that would decarbonize] the economy…Polls show that while climate change isn’t usually a top-tier issue in the US, the policies for addressing it have broad support…[which] is now increasingly being reflected in policies at the local and state level…Make no mistake: We do still need much more federal, state, local, and private action on climate change, and on a vastly larger scale…What we accomplished in 2018 is nowhere near enough, but it’s not nothing…The challenge now is building the global will to launch ourselves further and faster…” click here for more


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