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    Thursday, February 21, 2019

    Paths To New Energy For New Businesses

    How To Use Renewable Energy At Your Business

    Peter Ward, February 15, 2019 (Forbes)

    “…[T]he energy we use must -come from somewhere…[and it] almost always results in ecological impact, usually in the form of carbon emissions…Switching out your on-premise servers in favor of a cloud solution will, relatively speaking, reduce the emissions your business produces…[and] you’re doing the environment a solid…[But grabbing the financial benefits by] moving to a cloud provider is a given for most companies…[and] the environmentally friendly byproduct of doing so is an afterthought…For most businesses that are looking to implement green power for their facilities, there are a couple of different approaches…

    The first is an onsite installation with equipment you buy or lease. Power is supplied from a renewable energy source that’s installed at your location…A second option is [contracting for] power from renewable energy sources…[Through a small premium on the cost, the Microsoft VFA eliminates risk for the buyer from these contracts, allowing businesses to] access a stable, green energy supply without the investment in your own renewable energy supplies or dealing with [contract] uncertainties…[Renewable energy can] save your business money in the long term, whether investing in your own equipment or utilizing a VFA. Plus, it’s an ecologically sound way to power your business…” click here for more


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