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    Friday, February 08, 2019

    Solar Vs, Coal In China

    Is It Possible For Solar Energy To Compete With Coal-Fired Electricity In China?

    Ken Silverstein, February 4, 2019 (Forbes)

    “…[Coal is now 60% of China’s] electricity base and renewables are 20% — and poised to be 35% in 2030…[China’s latest five-year plan] set a cap on on coal-fired generation at about 1,100 gigawatts…[though] it already has about 1,000 GW with another 250 GW under construction…[and it] is cutting the subsidies it gives to solar panel makers, which has negative implications for the domestic landscape but which has positive ramifications for foreign markets…[Exports] have skyrocketed…[This] could eventually become an opportunity…[for renewables] to become competitive with coal…[China’s goal by 2024] is to have wind and solar compete with coal without the benefit of government subsidies…

    …[The] solar sector will become more efficient and produce a better product…[The country should now use of dollars generated by exports] to expand its transmission grid to handle the additional wind and solar energy capacity that it expects to come on line…[S]olar module prices dropped by 35% last year because of increased global competition, all of which implies more and more solar installations around the world…[China surpassed its 2020 goal of 105 GW of rooftop solar capacity and has a goal of adding about 55 GW of utility-scale solar, which connects to the grid…China’s developing economy means that coal will continue to play a key role there…[But] the country’s rollout of solar energy has surpassed all expectations.” click here for more


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