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    Friday, March 08, 2019

    The Climate Change-Terrorism Connection

    How climate change is fueling extremism

    Isabelle Gerretsen, March 6, 2019 (CNN)

    “Climate change is already triggering devastating weather events across the planet, including prolonged droughts, flash floods and wildfires…Parts of Africa and the Middle East are experiencing erratic harvests, heavy storms and the worst drought in the past 900 years…Experts say that people here who are struggling to provide for their families are vulnerable to the influence of extremist recruits who offer them work and food...Vanishing Lake Chad bolsters Boko Haram…[Across the Sahel, a semi-arid region between the Sahara desert and Sudanian Savannah in Africa, the estimated] 50 million pastoralists whose livelihoods depend on rearing livestock… [face droughts and floods triggered by climate change that are] leaving over 29 million people food insecure…

    …[The Lake Chad] basin is critical to the livelihoods of nearly 30 million people…But since the 1960s the lake's water supply has shrunk by over 90%...[T]he drying of Lake Chad has bolstered recruitment efforts of extremist groups including Boko Haram, the militant group operating in Nigeria…[T]he Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is the world's most water scarce region…[F]rom 2015, severe drought, likely compounded by climate change, triggered mass migration from rural to urban areas in Syria…[which contributed] to the civil unrest which erupted in 2011 and spiralled into civil war…The impacts of "climate-induced drought" were also linked to the growing influence of ISIS in the Middle East…Two ways for countries to become more climate resilient include diversifying their crop production and investing in renewable energy…” click here for more


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