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  • A Climate Crisis Plan

    Monday, June 03, 2019

    QUICK NEWS, June 3: Climate Crisis Requires Big Actions; World’s Biggest Energy Storage Project In Utah

    Climate Crisis Requires Big Actions You can't save the climate by going vegan. Corporate polluters must be held accountable. Many individual actions to slow climate change are worth taking. But they distract from the systemic changes that are needed to avert this crisis

    Michael E. Mann and Jonathan Brockopp, June 3, 2019 (USA Today)

    “…Personal actions, from going vegan to avoiding flying, are being touted as the primary solution to the crisis. Perhaps this is an act of desperation in an era of political division, but it could prove suicidal…This new obsession with personal action, though promoted by many with the best of intentions, plays into the hands of polluting interests by distracting us from the systemic changes that are needed…There is no way to avert the climate crisis without keeping most of our coal, oil and gas in the ground, plain and simple…Massive changes to our national energy grid, a moratorium on new fossil fuel infrastructure and a carbon fee and dividend (that steeply ramps up) are just some examples of visionary policies that could make a difference…

    …[T] he "Green New Deal," support it or not, has encouraged a much needed, long overdue societal conversation about these and other options for averting climate catastrophe…[But we] need a national plan of action that will include everyone…With five years of concentrated effort, we could have a supply of clean, renewable energy that is virtually inexhaustible…Focusing on policies that incentivize corporate environmental stewardship will force us to work together and cross political, racial and religious lines…[and] connect us to the rest of the world as we aim to solve a truly global problem…There is still time to avert the worst impacts of climate change, but not without immediate, collective action.” click here for more

    World’s Biggest Energy Storage Project In Utah World’s Largest Renewable Energy Storage Project Announced in Utah

    May 30, 2019 (BusinessWire via Associated Press)

    “…[The Advanced Clean Energy Storage (ACES) project in central Utah] will develop 1,000 megawatts of 100 percent clean energy storage… Strategically located adjacent to the Intermountain Power Project, the [ACES] site is positioned to integrate seamlessly with the western U.S. power grid utilizing existing infrastructure…In many parts of the western United States, there are times of day when demand for electricity is lower than the production of renewable power. This leads to curtailment of renewable generation and negative electricity pricing.

    Continued deployment of renewables will require that excess power be stored for later use. To serve the needs of the entire western United States, many gigawatt-hours of storage capacity are required…[Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) and Magnum Development will initially] develop enough energy storage to completely serve the needs of 150,000 households for an entire year…[The ACES initiative will deploy four types of clean energy storage at utility scale…Renewable hydrogen…Compressed Air Energy Storage…Large scale flow batteries…[and] Solid oxide fuel cells…” click here for more


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