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    Tuesday, July 02, 2019

    QUICK NEWS, July 2: Greenpeace Grades For Dem Candidates On Climate; Wind And Solar Together

    Greenpeace Grades For Dem Candidates On Climate Greenpeace releases scorecard for Democratic presidential candidates' commitment to climate change

    Adam Wernick, July 1, 2019 (Public Radio International)

    “Climate change was barely mentioned during the 2016 presidential election, but this time around many Democratic presidential contenders are pledging climate action…Greenpeace USA put together a climate scorecard, grading each candidate on his or her support for a Green New Deal and for phasing out fossil fuels…[It is based on responses to 21 survey questions from Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard, Kirsten Gillibrand, Jay Inslee and Elizabeth Warren and every candidate’s] voting records, public statements and the climate platforms they have put forward…[S]upport for the Green New Deal is key…

    [Greenpeace also] evaluated each candidate on their support for the Paris Agreement, their commitment to reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions, their stance on labor protections and climate resiliency and their commitment to moving toward zero emissions in the transport, power, building and industrial sectors, among other things…As part of this, Greenpeace and a coalition of many other environmental groups are asking every candidate to pledge not to accept any campaign money from the fossil fuel industry. So far, 18 of the leading Democratic presidential candidates have taken the pledge…[The lowest grades went to candidates who have either not released a plan on climate change or who have said things that Greenpeace believes are counter to positive climate action…” click here for more

    Wind And Solar Together A Fine Couple They Are (Wind and Solar Power)

    Jim Romeo, July 1, 2019 (Power)

    "The pairing of wind and solar is emerging as a smart strategy to implement renewable energy sources with better economic feasibility…The pairing of wind and solar power is an advantageous complement; the two benefit each other. The synergistic combination is an emerging trend in renewable energy and power generation as costs drop…[But it] is in early stages…And the configuration still has challenges regarding return on investment (ROI), ease of implementation, and storage…In western Minnesota, a 2-MW wind turbine and 500-kW solar installation—wind-solar hybrid project—is an early entrant…The pioneering project got a boost amid the lower costs of solar. The power generation from both renewable sources is calculated to provide dividends on its investment…

    …[H]ybrid solar-wind projects are expected to grow by 4% in the U.S. over the next five years to join a $1.5 billion global market…Because wind turbine power and solar both have excess capacity, together they offer far greater possibilities…Renewables especially make economic sense in non-urban areas, where costs per kWh are higher…When it comes to combining both wind and solar with storage, however, the list of locations is even smaller…[T] here are very few locations that meet the geographic requirements…even as the price continues to drop…A storage option is an essential component…[T]he most common combination today is solar plus battery storage, thanks to investment tax credit and incentive programs in certain markets that provide clear lower costs and better revenue streams…[W]ind power energy storage has challenges…” click here for more


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