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While the OFFICE of President remains in highest regard at NewEnergyNews, this administration's position on the climate crisis makes it impossible to regard THIS president with respect. Below is the NewEnergyNews theme song until 2020.

The challenge now: To make every day Earth Day.


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    Thursday, August 22, 2019

    The Climate Crisis And Everyday Life

    Death, blackouts, melting asphalt: ways the climate crisis will change how we live; From power cuts to infrastructure failure, the impact of climate change on US cities will be huge – but many are already innovating to adapt

    Pam Radtke Russell, 20 August 2019 (UK Guardian)

    “Between record heat and rain, this summer’s weather patterns have indicated, once again, that the climate is changing…US cities, where more than 80% of the nation’s population lives, are disproportionately hit by these changes…In urban areas, heatwaves are exacerbated by vehicles, industrial processes and the presence of heat-retaining concrete and asphalt…[And, especially in low-lying poorer areas,] record rainfall often accumulates…[I]f emissions continue at the current pace residents in cities around the nation will...Experience an average temperature increase of 8.2F (4.5C)…[and live] in climates similar to the current climates of cities 528 miles (850kms) south…

    …[C]ities are already dealing with the impacts…[A]n average of 658 people die every year from heat-related causes…[Increased air pollution] can cause respiratory problems…[78 people have died in 2019 as a result of] heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding…[E]xcess demand for electricity for air conditioning can cause the grid – or portions of it – to fail…[These impacts are beginning to have economic consequences. Between 2007 and 2011, Cook County, Illinois, saw] flood losses at a cost of $660m (£545m)…Some cities are taking steps to mitigate the impacts by improved communication with at risk populations, adding trees, plants and green infrastructure, painting roofs and pavement white to cool the city, and increasing access to air conditioning…” click here for more


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