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    Thursday, September 12, 2019

    Hollywood Faces The Climate Crisis

    Is Hollywood Doing Enough to Fight the Climate Crisis?

    Cynthia Littleton, September 10, 2019 (Variety)

    “…The climate crisis has escalated to a terrifying degree …Climate scientists say the threat is existential and global…They are warning of an extreme tightening of the window of time — about 11 years — for countries to make massive changes that might limit the apocalyptic impact of rising air and ocean temperatures over the next 30 years…[But] there is growing criticism that mainstream TV news organizations and storytellers in Hollywood haven’t done enough to raise public awareness of the need for action…[The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)] is at the outset of a major outreach push to Hollywood screenwriters and showrunners that aims to bring more focus on climate change in popular entertainment beyond the apocalyptic scenarios…But even as scientists warn of doomsday scenarios on the horizon, media and entertainment’s major players are struggling with how exactly to respond…

    In the U.S., the politicization of the debate over climate change since the early 1990s has been an enormous impediment to action. More recently, the Trump administration’s agenda on environmental policies has been nothing short of horrifying, in the view of Hollywood’s prominent green activists…[Robert] Redford strongly believes that filmmakers — whether on Hollywood studio pictures or independently produced documentaries — will help galvanize the public on the need for urgent action in the years ahead…For years, mainstream TV news outlets saw stories about global warming and climate change as ‘viewer-repellent’…[But] research finds that in-depth environmental reporting is sought out by younger viewers…” click here for more


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