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    Monday, September 02, 2019

    QUICK NEWS, September 2: Media Outlets Promise Boosted Climate Coverage; New Energy Ready To Take Over

    Media Outlets Promise Boosted Climate Coverage Scores of News Outlets Commit to Covering Climate Crisis

    Spencer Feingold, August 30, 2019 (Cheddar)

    Nearly 200 news outlets worldwide have pledged to increase their coverage of the ongoing climate crisis ahead of the United Nations' [September 23] climate change summit next month…Signatories to the Covering Climate Now campaign, which was organized by the Columbia Journalism Review and The Nation, include [major international outlets like El País, Agence France-Presse, The Toronto Star, BBC, and The Hindustan Times, and] major domestic outlets such as Bloomberg, CBS News, PBS NewsHour, Buzzfeed, and Teen Vogue…

    [They will] maintain full editorial control over their content, but all agree to run a week's worth of climate-related stories during the lead-up to the UN summit…[The campaign started in response to the October 2018 UN report which] warned of historic floods, droughts, and other disasters unless major overhauls were made to the global economy in nearly every sector…[It is particularly important for the U.S. because downplaying and denial] of climate change continues to pervade political discourse…” click here for more

    New Energy Ready To Take Over Department of Energy shows wind and solar power will dominate fossils; A Department of Energy report on wind energy showed nuggets of research on solar power – including a 280 GW interconnection queue and continued declines in pricing, as well solar’s encroachment on wind’s Midwest territory.

    John Weaver, August 30, 2019 (PV Magazine)

    “…[Wind, solar, and energy storage can move the U.S. power sector to very high levels of renewable penetrations. NextEra Energy, one of the biggest independent developers,] has 20 GW+ pipeline of wind+solar+storage potential…[It’s first project will be Oregon’s] 300 MW of wind, 50 MWac of solar, and 30 MW / 120 MWh of energy storage…[The next will be Oklahoma’s] 250 MW wind farm, 250 MWac solar farm, and 200 MW / 800 MWh of energy storage…[Research shows a mix of wind+solar+storage can now cost-effectively get the U.S.] to 80% renewables…

    …[Interconnection queues show an accelerating number of proposed large wind, solar, and storage project] sites, in various locales across the country…[The majority of this queue volume, not all of which will be built,] is schedule to come online before the end of 2023…[Low contract prices are reaching beyond the richest resource locations to places where wind and solar resources overlap and complement one another, making hybrid projects the most cost-competitive options in many more places]…” click here for more


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