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    Monday, December 09, 2019

    QUICK NEWS, December 9: When Action Slowed Climate Change (And Can Again); Ocean Wind Pioneer To Test ‘Green’ Hydrogen

    When Action Slowed Climate Change (And Can Again) Humans Already Slowed The Climate Crisis Once, New Research Shows

    9 December 2019 (ScienceAlert)

    “…[Regulations on emissions of an ozone-destroying class of greenhouse gas called chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) reduced projected global temperatures for 2050 by] at least one degree Celsius…[That one degree is far from trivial] when a projected rise of just two degrees in coming decades could return us to a climate that hasn't been seen in several million years, along with a host of devastating consequences…[New research on the 1989 Montreal Protocol that led to CFC regulations showed the Montreal Protocol was] a success story worth celebrating…

    In spite of a handful of rogues still pumping out pollutants, the protocol signed in Montreal is now regarded as a perfect example of what humanity can achieve when it puts a sustainable future ahead of business profits…[If not for action on the ozone hole, climate crisis-inducing] greenhouse gases would have ended up pushing Arctic temperatures up by as much as 4 degrees by mid this century…But the task ahead of us is unlike anything we've seen before. Compared to our taste for ozone-depleting chemicals, our hunger for fossil fuels is ravenous…The stakes have never been greater…[but the Montreal Protocol demonstrates superbly that international treaties to limit greenhouse gas emissions really do work…” click here for more

    Ocean Wind Pioneer To Test ‘Green’ Hydrogen Orsted aims to invest in 'green hydrogen' pilot projects

    Nikolaj Skydsgaard w/Edmund Blair, December 5, 2019 (Reuters)

    “…[Danish wind farm developer Orsted and two partners secured funding in August from the British government for a pilot project] that will use wind power and other renewable energy sources to make hydrogen fuel…[‘Green’ hydrogen] is made from renewable resources rather than fossil fuel…[It] could be used to store energy and create a renewable power source to transform transport and industry…[Green hydrogen is still in its very early stage and] has considerable challenges regarding how to handle it…

    …Hydrogen gas has long been seen as a potential alternative to fossil fuels as it emits water when burned, not CO2, the greenhouse gas emitted by coal, oil and natural gas. But making hydrogen from water by electrolysis, using renewable power, requires large amount of electricity…Orsted, the world’s largest offshore wind farm developer, plans to invest $30 billion in green energy up to 2025 in efforts to be become a major renewable energy firm, leading a shift away from fossil fuels.” click here for more


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