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    Wednesday, February 05, 2020

    The Fight For Solar In 2019

    The 50 States of Solar Report: 46 States and DC Took 265 Distributed Solar Policy and Rate Design Actions During 2019

    January 29, 2020 (North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center)

    “…[The 2019 annual review and Q4 update edition of The 50 States of Solar found] 46 states and the District of Columbia took some type of distributed solar policy action during 2019…[The greatest number of actions related] to net metering policies, residential fixed charge increases, and community solar policies…[The ten top distributed solar policy trends of 2019 were] encouraging distributed solar development…[focus] on the netting period for net metering successor tariffs…fewer and smaller residential fixed charge increases…[demand charges changing] to system capacity-based charges…

    …increasing net metering system size limits… encouraging low-income participation in community solar… extensive value of solar studies to inform net metering successors…refining existing community solar programs…separate net metering rules for different project or customer types…[and] net metering for solar-plus-storage facilities…A total of 265 state and utility level distributed solar policy and rate changes were proposed, pending, or decided in 2019. Net metering actions increased by 30% over 2018, while residential fixed charge increases decreased by 25%…” click here for more


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